Victoria Yin

Child Prodigy Artist and Poet



By International Fine Arts Publishing USA

Once in a great while a unique and special talent emerges in the art world. The result can and does often manifest itself in the form of renewed interest in a forgotten or neglected area of original artistic creation. Twelve year old Victoria Yin is such an artist.

Bursting onto the international art scene at the ripe old age of 10, Victoria has been exhibiting at capacity shows across the country. By age 11, she “has skyrocketed to fame and become one of the most talked about new artists in the country”. The rapport already building felt towards her by legions of collectors at home and abroad hasn’t been seen to this degree since the glory days of the New York School artists. This is to a large extent due to the fact that young Victoria uses surrealism in the tradition of such masters as Salvador Dali.

Shortly after her first birthday, Victoria began crawling across the floor to pick up a pen and draw. By the time she turned two her geometric drawings astonished her pre-school teachers. By the ripe old age of three she began telling stories through her artworks. At the age of five, she had already received numerous accolades and awards for her extraordinary artwork. Yet what is most astonishing about this pure prodigy is the style she has mastered. Many great artists have spent a lifetime striving to succeed at painting surrealism, only to fail. And yet Victoria still only a child, captures her fascination with science, mythology, religion and the future of civilization in a surrealistic motif that follows in the footsteps of great artists throughout history, from Michelangelo to Salvador Dali. Her artistic maturity is simply astonishing – she seems to paint from a desire to magically walk in each canvas.

The universality of Victoria’s genius extends to painting, poetry, songwriting, music and all school subjects such as physics and mathematics. She is two grades ahead of her age, a brilliant and prolific poet.

By every measure, Victoria’s artistic career is remarkable and her artistic insight and maturity is matchless from age stand point in art history. One needs only view Victoria’s artworks with reasonable contemplation and all doubt that her name will grace the pages of history alongside Mozart, Chopin, Gauss, Picasso and Dali will be removed.

“There Should Be Unabashed Joy and Celebration When A Great Artist Is Discovered!”
-Alexander Wolcott


Age 14

08. 2012     Documentaries “ TEEN ART STAR COMPARED TO DALI” and “ CHILD PRODIGIY SIBLINGS DAZZLE THE ART WORLD“ , episode of the PRODIGIES, bi-weekly series created and produced by @Radical Media, a web based TV channel initiated by GOOGLE.
08. 2012     Founded Victoria Yin and Zoe Yin Foundation
08. 2012     Exhibition, the gallery at Well Sweep, New Hampshire
05. 2012     Art auction and fund-raising for Hattie Larlham Foundation, Akron Art Museum, Akron, Ohio

Age 13

10. 2011     Report,CCTV Cultural Express, Beijing China
10. 2011     Interview, CHINA EDUCATION TV Famous Arts and Artist, Beijing China
10. 2011     Interview, CCTV (China Central TV) Crossover, Beijing China
10. 2011     Exhibit, Beijing World Art Museum, Beijing China
10. 2011     Art book “Art world Child Prodigy Siblings--- Victoria Yin. Zoe Yin” was selected to be exhibited at the Frankfurt World Book Fair, Germany
10. 2011-12. 2012     Exhibit, 798 Times Space, 798 Art Zone, Beijing China
10. 2011-12. 2012     Exhibit, Unique Creative Industry Group, Beijing China
10. 2011-12. 2012     Exhibit, Beijing Foreign Languages University, Center for United Nations and International Studies, Beijing China
09. 2011     Art book “Art world Child Prodigy Siblings--- Victoria Yin. Zoe Yin” published by Foreign Language Press,China
05-12. 2011     Exhibit, the Gallery at Well Sweep, New Hampshire
03-10. 2011     Exhibit, Lumen Gallery, New York, NY
03-06. 2011     Exhibit, Legend Financial Group, Willoughby Ohio
03-05. 2011     Exhibit, Avamar Endoscopy, Warren, Ohio
01. 2011     Winner of The Boston Globe Scholastic Writing Awards
01. 2011     Winner of The Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards
12. 2010     Art Auction, Elite Art Events, Red Rock Resort, Las Vegas
12. 2010-02. 2011     Exhibit, LOreal Corp, Ohio USA
11-12. 2010     Exhibit, O Gallery, Ohio
11. 2010     Live interview with WCPN 90.3 FM Radio, Ohio
11-12. 2010     Exhibit, Beck Center for the Art, Cleveland Ohio

Age 12

08. 2010      Exhibit and art auction, Third Annual AVAMAR Foundation, Ohio
07. 2010     Art Auction, Elite Art Events, Las Vegas
06. 2010     Interview, Art Business News, “Art Way Beyond Her Years”--- Victoria Yin’s Surrealistic Paintings Create a stir with Collectors, Art Business News, July/August 2010
05. 2010     Art Auction, Elite Art Events, California
02. 2010     Interview, The Andovers, Magazine of North of Boston Living, Cover Story “Brush With Fame”—Strokes of Genius, Spring 2010
02. 2010     Art Auction, Elite Art Events, California
12. 2009     Interview, Andover Townsman Newspaper “Local Child Prodigy Has World Wide Reputation”
10. 2009     Art Auction, Elite Art Event, Lake Las Vegas

Age 11

09. 2009     Exhibit, International Couture Fashion Show, New York
05. 2009     Art Auction, Elite Art Event, Lake Las Vegas
04. 2009     Sign contract with the International Fine Art Publishers, California, art works sold internationally
02. 2009     Exhibit, the 31st International Art Expo New York, interviewed by New York post and New York Educational News

Age 10

09. 2008     Exhibit, International Art Expo Las Vegas
07. 2008     Solo art exhibition, Pantano Gallery, Southern New Hampshire University, NH

Age 9

09. 2007     Exhibit, the 33rd Andover Art in the Park, Massachusetts
09. 2007     Interview, Andover Townsman newspaper, together with her younger sister Zoe as award winning artists
07. 2007     Interview, World Journal, the largest Chinese Newspaper in North America, featured story as a gifted young Poet and artist.
07. 2007     Interview, Andover Townsman newspaper, featured story as the state’s top student
06. 2007     Recite original poems at the opening ceremony of the International Child Art Festival, Washington, D.C
04. 2007     Awarded Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Award and Scholarship for the state of Massachusetts 2006-2007 by the National Association for Gifted Education and the Massachusetts Association for Gifted Education (This award selects one student for every state in the country)
06. 2007     Recipient of The Creating for Peace Award, International Child Art Foundation, Washington, D.C
07. 2006     Featured story, Child Art, the magazine of the International Child Art Foundation, Washington DC

Age 8

09. 2006     Exhibit, the 32nd Andover Art in The Park, MA, which showcased more than 140 professional artists from the New England states and new York, and became the youngest artist in the event’s 32 years of history
09. 2006     Interview, Andover Townsmen newspaper, Massachusetts
08. 2006     Exhibit, Manchester Art in the Park, Manchester, NH
2006      Winner of 2005-2008 International Child Art Olympia Contest, International Child Art Foundation, Washington DC.




尹亮前十岁时就在国际艺术界崭露头角,之后在美国各地进行大容量的展览。至十一岁,她“已名声显赫, 成为全美最受谈论的新锐艺术家之一”。美国及国际众多的收藏家对她表现出厚爱和支持,其喜爱程度是自纽约派画家的辉煌时期以来未曾出现过。这很大程度上是因为她能够像萨尔瓦多·达利那样的大师一样运用超现实主义。

尹亮前刚过一岁时就在地板上爬着, 拿起笔画画。两岁时她的几何素描让她的学前幼儿老师吃惊。三岁,她就开始通过画作来讲故事。五岁时她的艺术作品就已经收到无数的赞扬和奖项。而最让人吃惊的是这位纯粹的神童所掌握的艺术形式。许多艺术家用一生的时间去追求超现实主义,却难以成功。而只是一个小孩的尹亮前,凭借着自己对科学,神话,宗教以及人类未来的强烈兴趣,沿着米开朗琪罗和萨尔瓦多·达利那些历史上伟大的艺术家的足迹,运用超现实主义的艺术手法,将这些主题融合绘就。她在艺术上的成熟令人惊讶 —- 她似乎是在一种魔术般进入并漫步于每一块帆布上的渴望下进行创作的。



“当一位伟大的艺术家被发现时, 我们应该毫无保留地喜悦和庆祝。”

尹亮前 简历

14 岁

2012. 8      “神童姐妹震惊艺术界”,YouTbue 网络电视 THNKR 神童节目(谷歌公司创导)
2012. 8      威尔斯维颇画廊 姐妹联展,新罕布什尔州
2012. 8      创立尹亮前尹亮景基金会
2012. 5      艺术拍卖, Akron 艺术馆,俄亥俄州
2012. 5      募捐拍卖,Hattie Larlham 基金会,俄亥俄州


2011. 10      中国教育台 “书画赏析. 名人名画“ 专访, 中国北京
2011. 10      中国中央电视台“文化快讯”采访,北京电视台采访, 中国北京
2011. 10      中国中央电视台 “跨越时空”专访,现场作画于全球电视观众, 中国北京
2011. 10      世界艺术馆 画展, 中国北京
2011. 10      “美国华裔天才小姐妹尹亮前尹亮景作品集” 由中国外文出版社选送参加世界最大的书展,德国法兰克福书展
2011.10-2012.12      北京798 时代空间 画展,798 艺术区,中国北京
2011.10-2012.12      北京永一格创意集团画展,中国北京
2011.10-2012.12      北京外国语学院联合国国际研究中心画展,中国北京
2011. 09      “美国华裔天才小姐妹尹亮前尹亮景作品集”,中国外文出版社出版,中国北京
2011. 5-12      威尔斯维颇画廊 个展,新罕布什尔州
2011. 3-10      纽约儒蒙画廊画展,美国纽约
2011. 4-6      传奇金融集团画展, 俄亥俄州威乐比
2011. 3-5      Avamar Endoscopy 医疗中心慈善画展, 俄亥俄州沃伦
2011. 1      2011年波士顿环球报学术写作奖
2011. 1      2011年波士顿环球报学术艺术奖
2010. 12      精英艺术拍卖会,拉斯维加斯红岩度假村
2010. 12-2011. 2     欧莱雅集团画展, 俄亥俄州
2010. 11-12     O画廊 个展, 俄亥俄州
2010.11      WCPN90.3 FM现场直播采访, 俄亥俄州
2010.11-12     贝克艺术中心画展, 俄亥俄州


2010. 8      第三届AVAMAR 基金会画展, 俄亥俄州
2010. 7      精英艺术拍卖会, 拉斯维加斯
2010. 6      艺术商业新闻采访, “遥遥领先于年龄的艺术”—尹亮前的超现实主义绘画撼动收藏界, 艺术商业           2010年7/8 月
2010. 5      精英艺术拍卖会, 加利福尼亚州
2010. 2      安多佛北波士顿生活杂志,封面故事 “著名的画笔”——天才的笔触,2010年春
2010. 2      精英艺术拍卖会,加利福尼亚州
2009. 12     安多佛人报专访 “本地神童扬名国际”。
2009. 10     精英艺术拍卖会,内华达州 拉斯维加斯湖
2009. 10     “尹亮前, 神童艺术家”, 麻萨诸塞州安多佛艺术家协会时事通讯


2009. 9      国际女装时尚展,画展, 纽约
2009. 5      精英艺术拍卖会, 内华达州拉斯维加斯湖
2009. 4      签约于加州的国际艺术出版社,画作全世界出售
2009. 2      第三十一届纽约国际艺术博览,参展,接受纽约邮报和纽约教育新闻的采访


2008. 9      拉斯维加斯国际艺术博览,参展
2008. 7      潘塔诺画廊个展, 南新罕布什尔大学


2007. 9      第33届安多佛公园艺术画展, 马萨诸塞州
2007. 9      与妹妹 接受安多佛人报采访
2007. 7      北美最大的中文报纸世界日报专访,誉称为年轻的天才诗人和艺术家
2007. 7      安多佛人专访,“全州顶尖学生”
2007. 4      被美国天才教育协会及麻萨诸塞州天才教育协会共同授予尼古拉斯·格林杰出学生奖和奖学金
2007. 6      在国际儿童艺术节开幕式上朗读原创诗作, 华盛顿特区
2007. 6      获国际儿童艺术基金会和平奖
2007. 3      诗作“月光女神”发表在苹果核文学杂志
2006. 7      国际儿童艺术杂志专文报道


2006. 9      第32届安多佛公园艺术画展,成为 该展览历史上最年幼的参展艺术家,麻萨诸塞州
2006. 9      安多佛人报专访
2006. 8      曼彻斯特公园艺术展览,新罕布什尔州
2006春      诗作 “黄”和“绿” 发表在苹果核文学杂志
2008         获国际儿童艺术奥林匹克赛奖