Victoria Yin

Child Prodigy Artist and Poet


VICTORIA YIN . ZOE YIN - Art World Child Prodigy Siblings

Victoria Yin and Zoe Yin are internationally renowned child prodigy siblings from Boston, USA. Both sisters are multi-talented and began drawing at age 1. Their talents have been compared with the likes of Mozart, Chopin, Gauss and Picasso. Their art has been critiqued alongside great masters such as Dali, Matisse, and Henry Moore. This is the siblings’ first joint art book published in 2011 by Foreign Languages Press, a prestigious publishing house in China. The book was exhibited at the Frankfurt World Book Fair. This full color collection of over 100 paintings by Victoria Yin from age 9 to 12 and Zoe Yin from age 6 to 9 is truly breath-taking…

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A Mind’s Journey age 7 to 15

Victoria Yin,an internationally renowned child prodigy artist and poet, was born in Boston, Massachusetts.

Yin began drawing at the age of one and writing poems at the age of 5. By the time she was 10, her art works had attracted worldwide collectors. Over 100 of her paintings from age 9 to 12 were collected in the book “Art World Child Prodigy Siblings - Victoria Yin. Zoe Yin”, published in both English and Chinese. Her first museum exhibition was held at the World Art Museum, Beijing, China. Yin has appeared on CCTV (China Central TV) and painted live in front of a world wide audience. She was alao featured in Chinese Education TV "famous arts and artists", WCVB chronicle "Whiz Kids", CTI Asian and CTITV Taiwan . Her documentaries “Teen Art Star Compared to Dali” and “Young Prodigies Dazzle the Art World” were produced by the PRODIGIES, a web based TV channel THNKR (initiated by Google).
Capturing her fascination with science, mythology, religion and the future of civilization in a surrealistic motif, Yin is regarded “a modern-day renaissance painter” by art critics.

Yin is a prolific poet as well. This poem book collects 108 poems written between her elementary and high school years.

尹亮前(Victoria Yin),美籍华裔,少年画家、诗人。1岁时开始作画,6岁,创作第一本儿童读物《押韵真有趣》。9岁, 受邀南新罕布什尔大学的潘塔诺画廊举行个展。12岁, 参加美国俄亥俄州著名的贝克艺术中心画展, 并做客美国WCPN的广播访谈。13岁,其作品集《美籍华裔天才小姐妹—尹亮前 尹亮景作品集》由外文出版社出版,并选送参加世界最大的书展—法兰克福世界书展。该作品集汇集了作者9至12岁时创作的近百幅大型丙烯绘画。14岁,中国文化部对外文化集团在北京世界艺术馆主办了“神奇的画笔—美籍华裔姐妹小画家尹亮前尹亮景作品展”。展出了尹亮前9岁至12岁时创作的16幅大型绘画。同年,受邀CCTV“跨越时空”节目及中国教育台“名人名画”专访。 美国Google网络电视“少年天才”节目,专门为其制作了“少年艺术明星被誉作大师达利”和“神童姐妹倾倒艺术界”两部纪录片。

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V Yin Volume I and Volume II

V Yin Volume I and Volume II are leather covered books, providing collectors with a unique opportunity to see Victoria Yin as a prodigy artist and poet in the world. Each book collects 9 original pen drawings accompanied by beautiful poetry, done when Victoria Yin was only 11 years old.

Limited Edition $100. per collection