000001-side view-Victoria Yin-July 2017- Multimedia on acrylite-48 x 96 inches
Perception, Victoria Yin, 08 2011 age 13, acrylic on canvas
Age of Cloning, Victoria Yin, August 2010 age 12, 84 x 238 inches
Night, Victoria Yin, acrylic on canvas, age 9
Stars in a Black Universe, Victoria Yin, marker and acrylic on canvas May 2007 age 9
Horizon 2 -dusk in the fall Victoria Yin, August 2010 age 12,
Infancy-Quest, Victoria Yin, July 2011, age 13
(NO SIG) Dawn of a New Civilization - The Seed of Wisdom, Victoria Yin, age 11, acrylic on canvas, 79 x 69
Dusk (after Michelangelo's Dusk) Victoria YIn, acrylic on canvas 30 x 40 Aug 2010 age 12
Laocoon, Victoria YIn, Aug 2012 age 14, acrylic on canvas, 84 x 95
Human Geometry in Silver, Victoria Yin, 2008, Marker and silver paint on canvas, 96 x 48 inches

Meet Victoria Yin



Victoria L. Yin

1997 born in Boston

2014-2018, attending Brown University

Victoria Yin began solo exhibition in Massachusetts and New Hampshire at age 8. Her solo exhibition at Pantano Gallery, South New Hampshire University was when she was ten years old. She exhibited at International Art Expo Las Vegas at age 10,  International Art Expo New York at 11, Beck Center for the Arts, Cleveland , Ohio at 12, and World Art Museum in Beijing China at 14. Her works have been shown in galleries both in America and China.

Victoria Yin painted live on China Central TV, and appeared in Boston WCVB-TV Chronicle, Cleveland WCPN radio, China Education TV, CTI Asian, BTV Beijing, Phoenix Satellite TV, and CTITV Taiwan. She was documented in Prodigies by THNKR TV, a web based TV channel initiated by Google.

At 16, Victoria Yin Began attending Brown University. While at Brown she pioneered the medium of using laser technology to transform the 2-dimensional paintings  into transparent 3-dimensional spaces. She is the founder of the Museum of College Students Art and the College Students Art Association.

Yin’s poem book “A Mind’s Journey: age 7-15” was published by Xinhua Publishing House, China. She is the winner of 2018 Academy of American Poets Prize.

Victoria Yin was hailed as a child prodigy by the media both in America and China.

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